Offshore Software Development
PakSys also offers complete offshore software development solution for your business...

"Project was completed in unexpectedly fast timeframe. Project was flawless. I was so impressed I already handed over a second project to them....."
Alfred O'Harra, NY (contact info available upon request)

We help you run your business smoothly and efficiently. Whether it is e-commerce, internet website or intranet system, whether it is latest Microsoft .Net technology or legacy client server application, we offer complete solution for your business success by using the right tools for the right job. Our key area for providing IT solutions is but not limited to:
  Software Development     System Integration
  Web Designing     Automation
  E-Commerce     Web Hosting Automation
  Infrastructural Support     Financial Management System
  Security     Network Tools
  CRM     Consulting Services
  Web Hosting Business Setup     Domain Registrations


With collaboration of (HSBC Bank USA, N.A.), Paksys now offers to our customers Merchant Account services. For "Instant Activation" of your Merchant Account, don't look further any more. Competitive rates just starts from 2.4% with low monthly fee.

Instant Merchant Account


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