Offshore Software Development
PakSys also offers complete offshore software development solution for your business...

"Project was completed in unexpectedly fast timeframe. Project was flawless. I was so impressed I already handed over a second project to them....."
Alfred O'Harra, NY (contact info available upon request)

Thinking to start a Web Hosting Business?

We can help you to setup a very cost-effective hosting business either on private-labelled reseller basis or as your own dedicated web hosting business. We can also set you up with Domain Registration business with no up front cost. If you already have a Web Hosting business, we can help you with Automation, Billing/Invoicing and your customer management. To start with, please simply provide us basic information about the project/your IT needs by submitting our inquiry form which could be reached by clicking here.... or simply send us an email as [email protected].

The world of domains names is about to get really complicated and messy, but in the midst of the change .COM and .NET stand ready to be your customer's preferred domains of choice. Both have the credibility that comes with authenticity and being instantly recognizable around the globe.


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